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A message from the organisers

Art may strive when there is an inspirational atmosphere (a strange city, the countryside, mountains, seashore) and an appropriate intellectual and technical background. The best workshops are the ones where this is all provided. We believe we came close to making all this happen.

Our aim was to create the perfect workshop where all the amenities and all the conditions serve the artistic growth of the participants, providing them with the necessary theoretical and technical perspectives in photography.

Besides daily consultations and classes on theory, we offer the opportunity to try your hands at classic analogue techniques or even the most advanced digital equipment, such as the DJI Mavic Pro drone, or the PhaseOne IQ3 camera. The rest depends entirely on you.

The workshop takes place in Hungary, between the 2nd and 7th of July, 2018, in a peaceful area far away from settlements by the scenic Lake Balaton. Participation costs 500€, which covers accommodation and three meals a day ordered from a nearby restaurant.

The course is open to photographers of all levels.

To participate, please sign up in advance via with your name and your contact information /phone: + 36 30 623 68 93/.

Special thanks to Tripont Ltd. for all the professional equipment.

We do believe that our photography workshop will help Your artistic development!



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